Cordon Bleu, Kiev & Filo

Preheat oven to 180°C then cook for 40 minutes.


Preheat oil in fry pan. Add Schnitzel to pan, checking that oil sizzles. if not the oil is not hot enough. This will not cook the Schnitzel correct. always start with hot oil.


Chicken can be roasted in a oven bag to retain all the natural juices, elevated on a rack or cooked in the pan with vegatables to add flavour to the juices.
All roasts should rest before carving to allow time for the juices to settle first.

Always weigh your chicken or ask your butcher for the correct cooking time. Usual rule of thumb is 1hr per kilo.

Casseroles and Curries

To cook a casserole or curry you should seal chicken in a pre-heated pan on high, in small batches to lock in juices.

Once liquid is added, allow the casserole or curry to return to a boil and immediately the reduce heat. Cover and simmer but be sure not to boil. dry until tender. Stir occasionally to avoid burning and sticking to the pot.
Don't boil rapidly! Doing so will toughen the chicken. Longer and slower cooking will produce a better casserole or curry.
A pressure cooker will reduce cooking time.


When cooking marinated product always start on a lower heat. High temperatures will burn the sauce, and spoil the flavour. When cooking marinated products, ensure you start on a lower heat and increase the temperature to cook. Remember, a low heat will also stew the product.