Southern Highlands Blue Label

This prestige label was developed by a co-op of quality growers from the Southern Highlands of Victoria.

Southern Highlands Blue is the very best blue ribbon cattle from the spectacular countryside of the Victorian Highlands.

It is said, in some circles, to be the best and most sought-after beef availble on the Australian market today.

All cattle from this region are grass fed on natural. lush grasslands with no use of hormones, anitbiotics or growth steroids. They are growen in the original method our parents and grandparents used, back in the days when steak tasted like steak.

Southern Highlands 'Vintage' Blue Label

For the ultimate dining experience at home try our premium range of 'Vintage' Blue - aged for 21 days.

Our Vintage Blue range is unparalleled in quality, taste and value for money that has not been experienced in Sydney before.

We believe that our new label will set new standards in consistently brillant, top grade gormet beef.

Full of flavour and bred naturally, the Southern Highlands Vinateg Blue Label is your guarantee of the highest quality Austraila beef, meeting strict quality standards and giving nothing but the best to our valued customers every time.